Offshore worker writing on a checklist during inspection of flow control valve gauges Aligned Oil and Gas Production slots on sea background Supply ship leaving platform in sunset

Maritime & Offshore

ATS develops, and often operates, training solutions and learning material for clients in the maritime, offshore and oil & gas sector. E-learning courses can run on a company LMS (Learning Management System) integrated with the HR/ERP system for a seamless updated competency profile.

Typical e-learning, or instructor course topics are:
- Introduction and Familiarization courses of various categories
- Systems Descriptions
- Operation and Maintenance Procedures
- Management and Improvement Systems
- Work Permit
- Risk Management System
- Job Safety Analysis
- Environmental Awareness
- Gas Measurement
- ISM-Code
- Confined Space Entry and Resque
- Working at Heights

Two pilots in the cockpit talking to each other Close up on flight instrument panels in a commercial aircraft A military aircraft, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, flying by

Aerospace & Aviation

ATS has solid experience in the development of affordable web based courseware for the aviation and aerospace industry. References include organizations such as General Electric Aircraft Engines, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, the Royal Norwegian Air Force, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and commercial airlines.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Training Programme
Following a thorough qualification process, ATS was selected by Northrop Grumman as a multiyear courseware developer for the US Department of Defense’s next generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Training Courseware programme, and ATS is a developer of both pilot and maintainer lessons for the F-35.

Several road workers in action. Shovelling tarmac. Close up on steel pipes on construction site. Close up on an excavator belt in ore pit.

Industry and Construction

ATS develops elearning material for clients in industry and construction industry. The courses can be run on mobile devices, tablets or computers. If desirable we can set up a company LMS and integrate it with the HR/ERP system of the company.

Some typical course topics:
- Introduction and Familiarization courses
- Safe Equipment Operation and Maintenance Procedures
- Systems Descriptions
- Work Permit
- Risk Management System and Procedures
- Job Safety Analysis
- Working at Heights